FourCrown's overall objective is to have the finest collection of stores, by all criteria, in the entire Wendy's system. Mike Givens and Dan Opitz shared this vision of being a part of an award winning franchise back in 1985 when FourCrown, Inc. was founded.

After a very successful family restaurant operation as their first endeavour in Hudson, Wisconsin in the late 1970's, they sought to continue with a family restaurant environment that shared the philosophy of commitment to quality, service and cleanliness. Dave Thomas and Wendy's International, Inc. offered this commitment.

Wendy's FourCrown is the only Wendy's franchise in the Twin Cities. The franchise began in 1986 as the result of much hard work and dedication from Mike and Linda Givens and Dan Opitz. The first restaurant to join the FourCrown family is located in Stillwater, Minnesota. The franchise then began to grow in 1990 when FourCrown acquired four restaurants from Wendy's International in the Minneapolis and St.Paul areas. FourCrown continued growing throughout the 1990's by building restaurants in and around the greater metro area.

In March of 2006, Mike Givens acquired the remaining 36 restaurants in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas along with outlying suburb stores. FourCrown also owns and operates the three stores in St. Cloud, Minnesota. FourCrown currently operates 58 restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Wendy's International regards FourCrown as one of the premier franchises in the organization. As a franchise, the organization is recognized as a National Award winner. Throughout FourCrown's history, the organization has been a leader in the franchise community. In recent years, FourCrown has received the Operational Award for Excellence (The Golden Wendy's Award) and several Diamond Awards for Excellence in Marketing both on a regional and national level along with the National Marketeer of the Year award. FourCrown received the prestigious Founders Award for the best franchise in the Wendy's System in 2003. In 2006, Mike Givens was inducted into the Wendy's Hall of Fame. These awards illustrate the organization's commitment to excellence and focus on continual improvement.

The FourCrown franchise is a family business. The organization is committed to doing the 'right thing' for each of our employees. The employees have shown their appreciation with their loyalty. One of the company goals is to treat its employees fairly and work together as team members and support one another every time we can.

Throughout the years FourCrown has served in many volunteer efforts. FourCrown is committed to giving back to the community.

To contact the FourCrown Corporate Offices please call: 651-714-0030.